Auctions room

The fish auctions, an activity as old as the own craft task of the fishing, is experiencing a spectacular change due to the form to make the struggles.

These activities required a deep improvement in the philosophy. The change took in to account important facts such as the sanitary, the transparency, the velocity, the comfort, the information, etc.

Therefore, the answer to the question of the need of a change in this activity is the application of the new information and the communication technologies, absolutely indispensable nowadays.


The automation process has been implementing data processing systems, of communication, transportation and projection of images, for the total control of the Auction.

The data processing system controls and makes possible the management of the own auction with references to administrative tasks as accounting, turnover, statistical, sells, information, etc., collected in different parametrizable modules and controlled by a data base in connection with the automated systems.

The communication system among buyers and auctioneers is supported by a technology based on the development and configuration of a communication protocol among an automaton (PLC) and the computers (PC), which permits to control in very small times (milli-seconds) the "struggles" of the buyers, using ergonomic push-buttons controlled by electric impulses that send that sign to the corresponding automaton.

The transport system used refers to all the moving and exposition the lots to auction have to suffer. It is carried out through the conveyor belt made out of stainless and plastic by- product manufactured bands, such as Acetal and Polypropylene.

Finally, the showing system enables to have the auction information shown in real time in a number of screens strategically distributed all around the room of auctions.

These systems, correctly described, make possible an automatic auction that, firstly reduce the skilled labour with regard to the traditional auctions since it is possible to manage the process with three people (dockhand /docker and auction agent), it also promotes a greater functional character for different auctioneers and different kinds of goods.

To sum up, this auction automation is the most effective, fast and safe way to carry out the activity. Furthermore, it is important to point out the extra value offered to the auction agents which consist of the possibility to make on line auctions through Internet using the electronic commerce essential nowadays.