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General view of Frigodocks

The firm FRIGODOCKS, INC., has been developing its activity in Seville since 1968, in its present location in AVDA. DE LA RAZA, 22, under an Administrative Concession offered by the port authority of Seville. The activity consists of the conservation and storage of all kinds of frozen and/or refrigerated goods that need a system of conservation guaranteed in the chain of the cold, from which the users commercialize and distribute their diverse products.

To succeed in doing this, FRIGODOCKS, INC. offers its clients the service of conservation and storage of their products, in the cold- storage rooms, carrying out the services of manipulation of the merchandise (load, discharge, stowage, desestiba, weigh-in, classification) among others. Refrigerated trucks parking service is also offered with the possibility of adding power points and offices with the aim of controlling the products placed in the cold-storage rooms.

Inside view of chamber number 12

In view of the strong existing demand in the market of frozen products and also because of the location of FRIGODOCKS, INC. in the Port of Seville, which enjoys a strategic situation with reference to maritime, air, railway, and terrestrial communications; it has determined to expand its installations.

This enlargement consists of the installation of a new cold – storage room with a capacity for 3.000 euro-palets, with mobile bookcases and managed by a data processing system that controls in real time the situation of the locations, to get going with it the movements of entrances and exits of the merchandise and obtaining an increment in the logistic service of its clients.

In this way the construction of a building of offices has been carried out, with a total surface of 2.500 m2, distributed in five floors of 500 m2 each one. In the first floor is placed the cafeteria and the frozen fish auction room.

Auctions Room

This auction room, with a surface of 250 m2, and a capacity for 120 seated people, consist of a transporting tape controlled by a computer, where the merchandise is put away ready to be auctioned through this new generation data processing system, that makes this fish and shellfish auctions room in one of the best considered in Spain.

As a complement to this enlargement, has been built a new parking with a surface of 9.000 m2, with capacity for 70 refrigerated trucks and 170 vehicles tourisms.

FRIGODOCKS is registered as a temporary store (A.D.T.) and licensed premise for exporting merchandise declared, as well as authorization for the presentation in Customs of the administrative unique document (D.U.A.), by means of a electronic broadcast system of data (E.D.I.), being able to make statements of Importing, Export, Traffic / expedition, Traffic / reception among others, not to mention that it is registered in the Sanitary Registrations as Store Polyvalent Refrigerator, Fishing and Aquaculture and Meat products.